Careers aren’t destinations, they are long and winding roads.

While I’ve spent a lot of my time on the tech-writing and training side of things, working with companies like Honeywell, Boeing, Hang Seng, and On Semiconductor, I’ve also been heavily invested in the marketing and academic world as well.

One of the best things about being a writer is that you always get to learn new things. I’ve worked on everything from study guides for DHS field agents and documents for FBI profilers to language textbooks and movie scripts. I’ve also been able to work on language-based projects, a passion of mine, including helping create Korean and English language curriculum and learning aids.

I help companies from all of the world have conversations with their communities – building trust and establishing relationships that translate to customers and businesses. This can take the form of creating social media messaging and website writing, or it can be ad campaign messaging and newsletters. Basically, if it needs to be said, then I can help you find the right way to say it.

Some of my specialties include content strategy, training program creation, internal and end-user manuals, and the creation of systematic approaches and documentation protocols for enterprise-level programs. Additionally, I have heavy marketing and SEO experience, including analytic and path-correction.

What I love most though is simply telling stories. It could be a ghost story or your brand story… either way my goal is to make it the most riveting story ever written.