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Stories over taglines

I’ve seen it over and over, a writer working overtime to come up with snazzy taglines. They’ll make multiple versions, explore word play opportunities and look for inspiration by browsing online ads and Google images. The goal is to find something clever and unforgettable, and sometimes that goal distracts from the real purpose of copywriting […]

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Give your audience some credit

Don’t you enjoy it when you’re watching a movie and they spoon feed you everything, explaining every little plot point so that you don’t have to wonder at all? And what about when you can see the ending within five minutes of the opening. It’s great, right? Of course nobody thinks like that, in fact […]

Copywriting Writing and Marketing

How article marketing is killing the internet

Are you old enough to remember when the internet was new to homes across America? I know it is hard to believe, but there was a time when the Internet was a bit of a novelty and something only “new adapters” and techies were interested in. I remember paying two grand for our first desktop […]