Unique Content

Unique ContentUnique content is content that’s been created specifically for your company, highlighting the things that make you special. It tells your individual story in a way that reflects your company’s values and tone. It’s distinctive.

Unique content is also rare and shouldn’t be found anywhere else online. This includes the words on your website as well as everything used in your social media, emails and blogs. This is why buying material from content-mills or companies that use an assembly line approach to content can actually hurt your marketing efforts!

Why bother?

Unique content probably sounds like a lot of trouble, right? Well, it’s not really hard for a professional writer to learn about your business and create something amazing and unique. It is, however, critical to your online visibility.

Search engines look at your site and rank it based on a number of factors, content being key among them. Having great content that is unique to your website and your industry helps you get the attention you deserve.

Of course, your content also has be helpful, full of information that establishes you as an authority while using the right kind and amount of keywords. I know, it sounds like a look, but trust me, it’s definitely worth the work.