Website Copy & SEO Assistance

The words on your website do much more than just tell people about your company. Sure, they should tell everyone what you do and why you’re the best, but they also have to tell search engines why you deserve attention. In other words, they have to get you FOUND above the competition!

Web copy is hard-working content!

The content on your company’s website has a really tough job. It has to be informative, it has to act as top-notch marketing copy, it has to hit on all the features search engines care about, and it has to reflect your mission while connecting with your audience. It also has to change and be updated, with moving elements that tell people you’re an expert, you’re active, and you’re a relevant part of your industry.

As you can see, this isn’t an easy job, but it’s a necessary one if you hope to compete. Fortunately, you don’t have to take courses in copywriting or study SEO to get your website up to par. We can help you get the attention you deserve with world-class content designed to help you stand out.

Using the latest SEO strategies, combined with powerful SEO software, we can improve the quality and visibility of your website. We can also help you improve your online conversion numbers because that also comes down to offering the right message to each and every visitor!

Starting from scratch?

Starting from scratch? If you don’t have a website, then we can connect you with my partner, who develops amazing websites. This includes domain and hosting setup, general website design, and content creation. Contact us to get your website up and running! 

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday.” ~ Don Marquis