1. Don’t we need to meet in person before working together?

While some people feel more comfortable meeting in person, the truth is that it is increasingly less common to require face-to-face meetings. The fast pace of life, along with handy technology, has made remote work not just common, but convenient and cost-saving.  We can talk on the phone, chat in real-time, and be in constant contact, no matter where we both reside!

2. I am on a tight deadline, can you help me quickly complete a project?

Yes, Yourwriter.net can help complete your project, even if you’re behind. We will first look at the scope of your project and see exactly what’s needed. We will then look at your deadline and determine an appropriate timeline to complete the work in the given time frame.

 3. Do we have to have the same types of software?

These days you do not have to have the same type of software to send and receive documents. Although many people are using Microsoft Office Suite, many are also using open-source offerings like Libre or Open Office. These open-source alternatives are very powerful programs that open Office documents and allow for the free exchange of communication. Occasionally there can be compatibility issues and if that happens, then we always have alternatives ready!

4. I’m worried about getting reused work and plagiarism.

We do not reuse work and you will never have to worry about copyright infringement. No work is ever shared, reused, reworded, or taken from other sources. Every bit of content is written by Yourwriter.net and does not belong to another source. You are encouraged to use any copyright-checking software program you like for your peace of mind.

 5. I don’t want my idea to get out, will you sign a non-disclosure?

We are always happy to sign non-disclosures, but rest assured, nothing is ever shared and your idea, concept, business protocols, or program is secure. We will fax you a signed non-disclosure or you can provide one of your choosing.

6. I need something printed, is that something you can help me with?

Once a project is completed, then we can send the order to print and have it delivered to you. Printing is never quoted in the price of a project and needs to be handled separately. Most of the time upfront payment is needed before a printing order is placed.

Have questions for us that are not covered here? Please feel free to chat with us today!