The Google Plus Island

socialnetworking on googlefunnyMEME   Have you ever seen a hotel being built along the interstate in between Nowhere and Somewhere and wondered… why are they building this? Will anybody ever use it?

Maybe there is nothing for hundreds of miles and they are banking on sleepy truckers or the yearly snow storm to boast business. Still, it doesn’t seem like much of a business plan.

This is exactly the way social media professionals look at Google +. We look and wonder “Why is Google doing this?” It is the black sheep of the social marketing world because nobody uses it, not really. While people put their every move on Facebook and Twitter, people often have a G+ because Google forces it onto you.  Let’s face it, you have Gmail and with on click, you have G+ and now with the Google One portal, if you have one you automatically have the other.

If you have been paying attention to the issue you’ll recognize how Google is trying to game the system. They own the search game and with every re-write of their search metrics they continue to give their own products more weight. The goal seems to be to force you to pay for ads, to buy into every Google product possible and to participate in every platform they have or disappear.

It seems as though Google + exists to put you into a virtual corner, tie you to everything you may have online via “authorship” and of course, to monetize on social trends. I would submit another reason Google is so intent on forcing you into the G+ corner….have you noticed that you cannot so much as + or comment without having a profile. In fact, by gathering everything from your phone number and address to your profiles on G+ and other Google products, they have unparalleled access to your information. This is a huge potential source of income if one were to tap into it and let’s face it, Google and many other large companies really like selling your information.

So are you really into Google + or do you have an account only by default? Tell me your experiences and if you’re truly into G+ networking or if you are only there because Google is a bit of a bully and said you had to have an account. Either way, I’d love to hear from you!