Do you Truly have Someting to Say?

Have you noticed how much people talk lately? People seem to feel they have say everything, all of the time. They blog their every experience, they Facebook or Twitter everything from their dinner to their relationship status. Yet for all of this communication we have less and less actual thought and information being passed along.The internet, which could be the greatest achievement of the modern era, has turned into a turnstile of junk, chatter and regurgitated information.

Don’t believe me? Take an objective look at your friends time lines, in any social platform, and see how often the exact same things appear. Next, browse a few blogs on your favorite topic and see how little variety there is in the type and depth of information that appears. Next, search for anything and see just how little real information you come up with….don’t worry, I’ll wait.

That search you did just did turned up things like people talking on forums, variousĀ  Q&A sites such as Yahoo Answers and a lot of poorly written articles from article hubs and little else, am I right? If you hadn’t noticed before, you will likely now see this trend every time you search. While I’m sorry for ruining the illusion of the web for you, I am giving you a great opportunity to set yourself apart from the masses.

If you can provide real information, truly good content in a new way, you can break free from the pack. No matter what you’re writing about, from your insurance business to dabbling in fan fiction, if you can find something new to say, you’re gold. Look for new angles, go to the library and do actual research, make phone calls, talk with industry leaders and experts,basically go out of your way to have something new to say.

The next time you’re looking for content for your blog, your social media posts or even a presentation, keep this information in mind. You can provide