Unique ContentThe internet is a big place, full of companies trying to tell their story to the world. In the past, you didn’t have to do much to be heard. In fact, it was usually enough to simply have a website.These days, however, you have to do more than have a presence, you have to be exceptional.

How can my company be exceptional?

It’s not about flashy designs or killer graphics, in fact nobody finds your site based on how it looks. People come to your website for the content and they stay on your website for the content. This means the words they see can’t be afterthoughts, they have to be star of the show.

In fact, everything you do needs to put content first, from your website and newsletters to your social media and marketing materials. You can’t be heard above the noise of the day by simply yelling louder. The goal of your company’s content shouldn’t be to convince people to spend money with you, but to create a narrative that invites people to care about you, your business and your services.

Exactly what’s unique content and why does it matter?

Unique content is content that’s been created specifically for your company, highlighting the things that make you special. This means that it tells your individual story in a distinctive way. If your content could be talking about anybody else in your line of business, it’s definately not unique.

Next, it’s important that your content can’t be found anywhere else online, in whole or part. This includes your website content along with your blogs and social media posts. This is why you can’t buy material from content-mills or companies that use an assembly line approach to content. Copy and paste is not your friend!

So unique content probably sounds like a lot of trouble, right? Well, it’s not really hard for a professional writer to learn about your business and create something amazing and unique. It is, however, critical to your online visibility. This is because search engines look at your site and rank it based on a number of factors, content being key among them. Having great content that is unique to you helps you get the attention you deserve.

Of course, your content also has to include the right keywords, be full of information that establishes you as an authority and create goodwill among our community. I know, it sounds like a look, but trust me, it’s definately worth the work.

If you’re curious about how unique content can help you shine, contact me and I’ll show you the way.