Unique Content
How will your company get the attention it deserves?

The internet is a big place, full of companies trying to tell their story to the world. In the past, you didn’t have to do too much to be heard, in fact, it was usually enough to simply have a website. Over the years, however, things have changed. It’s no longer enough to just have a presence, you have to be exceptional.

How can my company be exceptional?

Unfortunately, many companies go about content in the wrong way, either paying little attention to it or approaching content with the wrong attitude. Your content, from the words on your website to the newsletters and marketing materials you send out, exist to tell your story.

You can’t be heard above the noise of the day if you’re simply trying to yell louder. Your goal shouldn’t be to convince people to spend money with you, but to create a narrative that invites people to care about you, your business and your services.

This is the true purpose of content and it’s the reason having unique content is vital to your success. But, what does “unique content” really mean? First and foremost, it refers to content created specifically for your company, highlighting the things that distinguish you from the competition.

Next, it it refers to content that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. This is why you can’t simply buy material from a “content-mill” or let a busy marketing firm copy and paste tired phrases into a template and call it day. You need content that is fresh, new and specific to your business, your services and your market.

And of course, unique content should speak in a way that establishes you as a trusted expert in your field and generate good will among your community. This is another area where many companies fall short, which is unfortunate because it is one of your best opportunities to truly make your mark.

If you’re curious about how unique content can work for you, contact me and I’ll help you find a way to stand out, be heard and connect with your audience.