socialiconsSocial media allows you to reach out to the public in a completely new way. You can connect with your community, learn what they want, provide them with information and build lasting relationships. This powerful medium has also given people an unprecedented ability to talk about and to the companies they do business with every day. This has both positive and negative implications.

Success with social media comes from understanding how to use it the right way. This means engaging without overdoing it and giving people what they want to see, not just filling up your feed with specials. It is a delicate balance between promotion and communication. Doing it the wrong way has consequences.

The risk of using social media the wrong way includes:

  • Alienating your community
  • Offending customers and creating enemies instead of allies
  • Appearing desperate and pushy
  • Appearing like there isn’t much of interest going on at your business

I can help  manage social media outlets in a way that will help brand your company or service, drive traffic to your site and creates value for your network. I will review of your current efforts, analyze your level of interaction, determine what registers with your audience and create a complete social media management plan.

Ready to be a part of the conversation? Contact me for a free evaluation of your current social media efforts or a custom plan of engagement for your business or brand.