special deliveryNewsletters are a great way to gently remind your customers that you are there and ready to serve them.  You can also reach out to new clients through this powerful and inexpensive medium. A newsletter delivered to one inbox can be forwarded countless times and become a powerful marketing tool.

Yourwriter.net can create professional newsletters that impress and inform your clients. Put the power of email marketing to work for you. Let me create promotional emailings and monthly newsletters that your customers look forward to each and every month.

Not sure there’s really enough information about your industry for a monthly newsletter? Do you think that your topic is “boring” or something that people don’t want to read about until they need your services? I assure you, it doesn’t matter if you’re a general contractor or a funeral home, there is a way to craft a newsletter that will inspire, inform and keep your business in front of the community!

Some fun examples are….

  • Graveyard pics –  I can create a fun contest asking for old pictures of something related to your business.  In example, a computer shop might look for images from old models.
  • Community outreach – I can highlight community events of interest to your customers, their friends and family.
  • Loyalty deals – Everybody loves deals! I can find fun ways to offer your customers incentives for staying loyal.

Contact me to see how I can help you with your newsletter marketing efforts.