The bad content trap

Bad content is everywhere, and you don’t always know it when you see it. Sometimes it is disguised as expert advice, but when you read closely you realize it’s little more than copy and pasted content compiled from other sources. Sometimes you get a few lines into a piece and start to notice the tell-tale […]


The “why” and “how” of blogging for business

If you’re a business owner of any kind, you need to have a presence online. This isn’t new advice, and neither is the standard line you hear proclaiming that you have to have a blog. These are undeniable truths these days, especially with Google’s re-weighting of content and authorship. In fact it is more important […]

All about Writing Business

Did your site fall off the map? This might be why…

When the internet first came to homes across America, content was king. It was the wild West, virtually speaking, when search engines, which were in their infancy, looked for actual long-strings and returned real content-based results. Then for a while things got off track, with the search focus being put on competitive keywords and link […]