User Manuals

airplane2User manuals instruct consumers on how to use your product or service. A good manual is intuitively laid out and easy to follow. It should also include elements known to complement learning, such as a table of contents or a dictionary. Depending on what’s being described, this can be as simple as a few steps but it can also require a complete book with references and charts.

Many user manuals fail in more than one of these aspects, making them not only frustrating to the user but also a liability to the company or individual behind the product. On the other hand, a well-written and professionally-designed user manual solves many problems. I have created user manuals for many products, services, and prototypes, and can help you better communicate with your customers.

I can create a user manual for you that:

  • Illustrates the helpful aspects of your product or service
  • Takes your user from beginning through completion of use
  • Answers many frequently asked questions before they even get asked
  • Helps limit liability from misuse or unintended application
  • Clearly communicates your product or process to reduce frustration and customer dissatisfaction

If you have a product, service, invention, or prototype, then I can create a professional and efficient user manual for you. Contact today to learn more.